Sony Z9D 4K HDR with Android TV

Designed to Perfection
The Sony Z9D 4K HDR with Android TV encapsulates the ultimate home TV experience. Designed to seamlessly fit into any household, the thin bezel on the Z9D comes with a premium gold finish that standout without distracting you. Additionally, keep unsightly cables at bay with its unique stand. Home owners can store and hide all the wires a sure way to keep the surrounding space free, tidy and tangle free.
Next Level Resolution
When it comes to 4K High Definition Range (HDR) Son has it down to a pat. The Z9D promises the ultimate in picture quality with the newly developed 4k HDR Processor X1 Extreme chip, boasting 40% more real time image processing power. By having a perfect blend of 4K clarity paired with the brightness, colour and superior detail of HDR this allows the TV to achieve the truest blacks and the brightest whites, with life like colours like no other.
Immerse yourself
To ensure you get the most out of Z9D, Sony pairs the TV with a unique backlight technology known as Backlight Master Drive This feature gives you the best in extraordinary contrast all while maintaining its extremely accurate wide colour expression. By delivering an unprecedented dynamic range the Backlight Master Drive ensures viewers will experience the darkest blacks with dazzling lights for scenes that looks more real than ever before.
Android TV activated
In terms of features the Z9D has you covered. Pairing the Android TV software with Sony's exclusive user interface, you can enjoy the many benefits it bring which include the pre-installed Netflix app. The seamlessly integrated new content bar also offers enhanced content navigation with voice search so you never have to waste time typing in the name of the movie or show you're searching for.