Nomad’s winter festival offers you opportunity to witness with the Mongolian winter festivals in this package trip including “Ice Festival Event” in Khuvsgul Lake in the Northern Mongolia, “Eagle festival” near in Ulaanbaatar city and “Camel festival” in Southgobi province. These festivities are well-known for local people, also they always welcome for visitors.

Eagle festival information

Golden Eagle Festival, the fantastic celebration settled by the Kazakhs with their Golden Eagles in Western Mongolia. But this festival will be held near in Ulaanbaatar. The highlight of the trip takes Kazakh people from Bayan-Olgii province who participate all competition which are Kazakh traditional games such as Kokbar, archery, traditional horse racing and camel racing are also part of this celebration.

Camel festival information

The festival program includes camels racing, local children’s concert, camel wool product exhibition, camel polo, parade on camels and nice couple competition. Also you will enjoy a relay competition with camel and an entertaining competition which shows camel training methods and customs of “Heroes of great Gobi”. Teams each having 5 members participate in it and show many methods and techniques of catching camel with lasso, tying and bringing down, putting wooden peg into camel’s nose and loading camel. Other highlight is visit to significant paleontological and cultural sites in the Gobi.

Truly, in these days we will “breathe” by camels. Joining this magnificent festival will take you into a rare and unique opportunity to enjoy & interact with these amazing animals, and to take part in the camel herders’ nomadic lifestyle.