High best new stuff

Razer Mamba Chroma

You may think it’s the pulsing LED racing stripes or the superior grippiness that sets this mouse apart from the competition, but you’d be very wrong. The Mamba’s magic is something you can’t see: the invisible 16 000 DPI laser tracker. Adding customisable LEDs was a purely aesthetic move to justify the Chroma name, but the wired/wireless functionality is a hoot especially since the charging stand doubles as the wireless receiver. Razer promises precise motion tracking and response that will shame your official office equipment more than a naked walk to the Red Keep, but the adjustable click force doesn’t really change much. Still, the grippy rubberised texture is quite pleasing and the ergonomics are spot on. If it’s good enough to keep gamers happy, your eight-hour slog will be quite comfortable. Yes, the battery can last that long. Available at most PC hardware outlets for R2 500; visit razerzone.com

DIY 7-in-1 Solar Space Fleet Kit

Toy-building kits are more about learning skills than about having fun, but both happen at the same time. This model kit comes in six unit parts and can be Voltroned together to form one giant robot. The rechargeable battery can switch between the different toys, or you can opt to use the solar panel which will recharge from sunshine or a halogen light source. There aren’t remote controls, but enquiring minds will love the intricate construction details and how everything works together. Also, there’ll be the hours of bonding time under the festooned tree to look forward to when the receiver wants to play with all of it now. Get this set for R400 at mantality.co.za

Airwheel M3 SkateBoard

Skating as an adult is only a good idea if you haven’t stopped skating since high school. If you have, this is right up your alley. Airwheel are champs at Segway-type devices, so the M3 is self balancing and can hit a max speed of 18 km/h. Lithium-ion batteries hold charge and you control the power via remote control. R8 000, airwheel.net

Canon EOS M10

The famed camera company has finally figured out how to make good compact mirrorless units, and this is one for the masses. It’s packing an excellent 18 MP APS-C sensor, Wi-Fi and NFC, so your Instagram shots are easier to share from camera. From R4 600 (body only), canon.co.za

Homido Smartphone Virtual Reality headset

Getting a virtual reality experience on the cheap is easy with Google Cardboard, but those units don’t last very long. This unit is a great platform-agnostic solution that you can buy now and connect to your smartphone, instead of waiting for Oculus. R1 500, mantality.co.za

Unilite Prosafe Inspection light

From the blinding unboxing experience to finding Barbie’s shoes under the bed, this inspection light has earned its place in my life. The nine LEDs all burn at once, powered by three AAA batteries, and can switch between strobe, dim and bright. R320, uni-lite.com

WD Black 3TB

The performance car of hard drives does away with the hybrid SSD configuration and instead rolls with discs that spin at 7 200 r/min (just shy of the torque peak on a VTEC engine). This is robust storage for high demand systems. R2 500, wdc.com